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The national joint application for higher education is open 4-18 January 2023. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) offers degree studies at both Bachelor and Master level, with several degree programmes conducted in English.

New students looking to start their higher education in Finland can now apply via Studyinfo portal for studies beginning in August 2023. In this application round, VAMK offers two Bachelor’s degree and three Master’s degree programmes in English.

Bachelor’s degree studies provide tools and skills for future experts

Bachelor’s degree studies provide students with broad overall knowledge and skills with relevant theoretical background for working as an expert in the field. The curriculum includes basic and professional studies, elective studies, a practical training period, and a Bachelor’s thesis.

A Bachelor’s degree completed at a university of applied sciences consists of 210 or 240 credits (3 to 4 years of full-time study) depending on the study field. Bachelor’s degrees completed at universities of applied sciences are equal to other Finnish Bachelor’s degrees and give the same qualifications as them.

In this application round, VAMK offers Bachelor’s degrees in Information Technology and Business Administration.

Information Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)

Become a needed IT professional! In the degree programme in IT, you can study for example software engineering and embedded systems. The degree programme in Information Technology prepares you for demanding careers in the industry.

Students gain professional skills and a strong theoretical basis that are much needed in the rapidly changing environment. The education relies on solid theoretical foundation combined with the know-how of the local hi-tech sector.

International Business (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Learn how to navigate the flows of international trade with confidence! Together with the international students, the degree programme in International Business is the perfect way to gain a higher education, excellent English skills and cultural experience.

Students also have the possibility to study a double degree at one of VAMK’s partner universities in Germany or Poland.

VAMK Master School opens the door to new opportunities

Students can apply for Master’s degree studies after completing a Bachelor’s degree or another applicable university degree and accumulating two years of relevant work experience after their graduation.

The Master’s degree conforms with the standards set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and competences (EQF 7). It gives a qualification for a public appointment where a Master’s degree is required.

For Master level studies, VAMK offers three different degree programmes, each culminating in a Master of Engineering or Master of Business Administration degree.

Cloud-Based Software Engineering (Master of Engineering)

Become an expert in cloud computing and applications! The programme helps you deepen your competence and widen your possibilities in ICT working-life. You gain advanced skills to master cloud architecting in the context of intelligent industrial applications.

International Business Management (Master of Business Administration)

Learn how to manage and develop a business in an international environment! You’ll gain knowledge on how to apply modern research methods to management and also how operations are developed on the basis of research. The programme is tailored to your own expertise.

Project Management (Master of Engineering or Master of Business Administration)

Become a confident leader of an international project team! You’ll learn the secrets for building and motivating teams. You get acquainted with the award-winning tools for effective project management and research. This Master’s programme gives you IPMA level C competence in Project Management.

Top reasons to choose VAMK Master School:

  • Top Mentors
  • Learning at work 2.0 – time-efficient and practical training
  • Pedagogy – community learning and working life orientation

The studies are conducted in English using blended learning methods. The emphasis in the study is on interaction and teamwork.

Visit the Master School website to read more.

Student life in Vaasa

Vaasa is an international city located in the Western coast of Finland with a unique seascape. The Vaasa area has the highest number of university students in Finland in relation to the number of inhabitants. High quality of life means that great flats don’t cost a fortune, and getting around is easy and quick.

The Vaasa region is regarded as the most innovative area in Finland. As a renowned Nordic Energy Hub, it offers excellent employability possibilities after graduation. The mission in Vaasa is to create more sustainable technologies for saving the planet!


  • Campus located in the heart of Vaasa, the Nordic hub for energy technology
  • Offers high-level theoretical and practical oriented education
  • Join a sympathetic and agile community
  • Collaborate with top industry partners, which represent leading global companies in energy technology
  • Early-bird discount and a supportive scholarship model (Tuition Fees and Scholarship Criteria for Non-EU/EEA students)

Get to know the community: VAMK’s Instagram and TikTok channels are active with content from student ambassadors about their study, work and life experiences in Vaasa, Finland.

Further information on application

Read more about the application procedure and entrance exams on VAMK’s website.

For more information kindly contact VAMK’s Admissions Services:

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