Privacy Policy

  1. Registry Holder
    Oy Vaasa Insider Ab
    Vaasa International
    Business ID: 2867389-9
    Gerbyntie 16
    65230 Vaasa
  2. Contact for registry matters
    Peter Stolpe
  3. Registry name
    Vaasa International customer registry
  4. Intended purposes for collecting personal information
    We collect, store and handle personal information only for predetermined legal purposes. Primary end-use purposes of personal information are: Offering services, filling out contracts, the monitoring of marketing and use of services, and abiding by legal liabilities.
  5. Registry informational content
    The registry may handle the following information of all who are registered:
  • first and last name
  • contact information
  • start date of registration
  • language
  • password
  • billing information
  1. Orderly sources of information
    We primarily collect personal information from clients and users themselves via usage of our services and web platform, for example via filled-out online forms or newsletter subscriptions.
  2. Sharing and transferring of information
    Your information is primarily handled by members of our personnel while acting out their duties. Due to the information being almost exclusively in electrical form, we use subcontractors, especially for storing the information (cloud-, hosting- and email services), for technical support pertaining to web design and execution, as well as direct marketing.
  3. Registry protection
    The registry information is protected with generally accepted, technical means. Only the specified registry holder and employees assigned by the holder, either from the holder’s own company or proprietary companies, may have right of use to the contents of the registry, admitted by the holder.
  4. Right to inspect, object and/or correct
    You may inspect and update your information by contacting us at
  5. Cookies
    We use cookies on our website, so that we may offer the best possible user experience for the visitor of the website. Cookies are short text files, which the server stores onto the end-user’s device. Cookies give us information about how users use our website. We may make use of cookies in the development of our services and website, in the analysis of the usage of our website, as well as targeting and optimization of our marketing. The website user may give their consent or object to the usage of cookies from their browser’s settings. Most web browsers allow cookies automatically. Please note that blocking cookies may limit the functionality of our website.