About us

The Vaasa Region and Ostrobothnia in Finland are evolving fast. Important sectors of business life are booming, fueled by the education sector.

Long-term thinking and the right kind of public decisions is paving the way for the future. Many different actors are now working together and building solutions that will shape the world.

Vaasa International is a new website, launched in december 2021. The website serves two main purposes:

1.Tell the world about the great things that are happening in the Vaasa Region and in Ostrobothnia, focusing on Business, Education, Living, and Tourism. The region’s importance in the world is growing fast and we want and need YOU to be a part of this evolution.

2.Give everybody who already calls this internationally-minded, vibrant region their home a second home. Vaasa International is a great place to get updated, network, and better integrate into Finnish society.

About the publisher

Vaasa International is published and maintained by Vaasa Insider, which runs Ostrobothnia’s leading platform for business and economy news, www.vaasainsider.fi. Vaasa Insider is committed to telling genuine stories that energize and inspire our readers, focusing on all the positive that is happening in our local business and educational spheres. 

Besides our web services, we also issue a free newspaper, Botnia Insider, 10 times a year. Over 70 000 copies of each issue are distributed directly to homes all across Ostrobothnia. While digital media is on the rise, print media is still a sure way to reach more people locally.

Vaasa & Botnia Insider have traditionally reflected the multilingual culture of Ostrobothnia by serving content in both Finnish and Swedish. These platforms will continue to evolve and do so, while Vaasa International will serve an audience in English.

Welcome! We hope you will enjoy our content!

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This website was made possible by financial support from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-keskus).

Vaasa International is sustained by long-term sponsorships.
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