In Ostrobothnia and in the Vaasa Region we are used to doing things together. The results are better that way, and to put it frankly, that is the only way we can pull off big structural projects that can and will change the world.

Vaasa International is one of those important projects. The publisher, Vaasa Insider, is a small company with dedicated people passionate about helping this region evolve with the help of news and inspiring stories about our business life, economy, and local society. Without the help of others this site and our mission would not be possible.

Out of little acorns grow huge oaks. The website’s business model is one in which everybody chips in. With everybody we mean every company or other organisation that has an interest and will to see this region, its business life and education sector prosper and reach the next level, and those who are willing to contribute to that.

Is your organisation one of those actors? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we need your help to keep the fire burning.

For more information about sponsorships, please contact:

Peter Stolpe
Chief Editor

(+358)50 586 6228