Vaasa buzzes with energy as EnergyWeek hits with full force

Organising group for Vaasa EnergyWeek 2023
Vaasa EnergyWeek is made possible by a lot of people, some of whom gathered for this picture.
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On 20-24 March, Vaasa is the place to be for everyone involved in the energy sector. Vaasa EnergyWeek features 22 energy-related seminars in English with over 130 speakers, along with plenty of networking opportunities and exciting exhibitions.

Vaasa and the surrounding region is known as the Energy Capital of the Nordics. The Vaasa EnergyWeek event makes this visible and provides a unique chance to network in a city buzzing with life.

“Vaasa EnergyWeek is a great place to network for everyone involved in the energy sector. Buyers meet sellers and deals are born,” says Kristoffer Jansson, Communications & Brand Manager for EnergyVaasa.

Collaboration makes it all possible

Kristoffer Jansson
Kristoffer Jansson

Over 30 organisations contribute to Vaasa EnergyWeek, with each seminar hosted by different organisations. Everyone from local development companies to big corporations chip in to make it possible.

“EnergyWeek is a huge collaboration, bringing together companies and organisations from Vaasa and the surrounding region,” says Kristoffer Jansson, who also represents Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.

An international event

This year is the 11th time EnergyWeek is organised, and the registration is now open. Last year, 6200 attended the various seminars.

The seminars during EnergyWeek are of high quality and tend to gather international attention. One solid proof of this global attraction is that approximately ten different ambassadors have taken time from their busy schedules to attend in person this year.

Showcases new technology

The official EnergyWeek program covers a lot of new trends, opportunities and cutting-edge technology. Hanna Malkamäki and Göran Östberg from VASEK conclude that EnergyWeek has been a pioneer in many fields since the beginning and continues to evolve and break new ground.

Östberg and Malkamäki are experts in circular economy, a hot topic that will be featured within many of this year’s seminars. Environmental issues will in general get much attention, with two whole days dedicated to wind and other renewables. Gas energy and storage solutions then take the stage later in the week.

Sari Rintakoski, Hanna Malkamäki, Göran Östberg
Sari Rintakoski, Hanna Malkamäki and Göran Östberg are looking forward to this year’s Vaasa EnergyWeek.

Side events as well

During the whole week, there are also a lot of events in Vaasa outside the official program. Some activities will start even before the week officially begins.

On Saturday 18 March, the Vaasa market square will turn into a meeting place for everyone interested in environmentally-friendly vehicles. Several different car importing companies will show what they have to offer concerning for example electric, biogas and bioethanol cars.

“There will also be other kinds of vehicles present, for example Logset’s harvester,” says Sari Rintakoski, Project Engineer at Technology Centre Merinova.

All daytime events at EnergyWeek are free to attend, but several require pre-registration. The main venue for the official program is Vaasa City Hall.

EnergyWeek is made possible by a lot of people, some of whom gathered for this picture.
The organisers of EnergyWeek welcome visitors to Vaasa.
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