Hogia Ferry Systems closes first deal with German ferry operator

Jan Meyer (AG EMS), Stefan Beekhuis (AG EMS), Niclas Blomström (Hogia), Maria Åkersten (Hogia), Claus Hirsch (AG EMS)
Jan Meyer (AG EMS), Stefan Beekhuis (AG EMS), Niclas Blomström (Hogia), Maria Åkersten (Hogia), Claus Hirsch (AG EMS)
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Hogia Ferry Systems, based in Vaasa, has signed its first German customer. Per the agreement, Aktien-Gesellschaft EMS (AG EMS) will implement Hogia Ferry Systems’ standard reservation software BOOKIT.

German ferry operator Aktien-Gesellschaft EMS (AG EMS) has partnered with Hogia Ferry Systems to implement its standard reservation software BOOKIT.

“We are excited for this opportunity, and we are very pleased that they put their trust in us,” says Niclas Blomström, Managing Director at Hogia Ferry Systems.

The start of a great partnership

AG EMS ferry Nordlicht II

AG EMS operates a ferry service between the city of Emden and the island Borkum, using both traditional and high-speed ferries. The company will also use BOOKIT for its river cruises and excursions.

Niclas Blomström says that he sees the agreement as the start of a great and long-term partnership.

Being in operation for over 175 years, AG EMS is a very honorable company with a wide offering of services to islanders and visitors. With BOOKIT, AG EMS will have the reservation platform to significantly improve the customer experience and provide a better tool for their staff.

“We needed a modern and reliable system”

Stefan Beekhuis, Chief Information Officer at AG EMS, says that their current system could no longer fit the needs of the company.

“We needed a modern and reliable standard ferry reservation and check-in system to replace it,” he says.

AG EMS found Hogia Ferry Systems and BOOKIT after researching the market and having discussions with a neighbor ferry operator.

“After doing a proof-of-concept project with Hogia Ferry Systems, we decided that they were the best fit for us,” says Stefan Beekhuis.

BOOKIT offers everything we asked for. The extensive BOOKIT API will give us the opportunity to build our own customer-facing applications and web sites, which we saw as a huge benefit.

Developed in Vaasa

Hogia Ferry Systems is headquartered in Vaasa, where the BOOKIT program is also developed. The company is part of the Hogia Group with 600 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

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