Nordic Electro Power forges ahead in Sweden

Greger Stenberg, Laura Stenberg, Joakim Sundström
Greger Stenberg, Laura Stenberg, Joakim Sundström
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Vaasa-based Nordic Electro Power strengthens its presence in Skellefteå, Sweden, by acquiring all shares in local consulting firm Probema i Norr.

The acquisition is a big step on Nordic Electro Power’s journey of growth in Sweden, which started in late 2020, unhindered by the Corona crisis.

Nordic Electro Power specializes in electrical services and provides various solutions for both industrial and real estate needs. Probema i Norr builds on this strong foundation with expertise in electrical and high voltage installations, consulting services and company training.

Nordic Electro Power’s site manager in Sweden, Joakim Sundström, says that one reason for the acquisition is that it is very difficult to find staff with the right skills in the region. “We are extremely happy for this chance; it’s exactly the puzzle piece we needed,” Sundström says.

Entrepreneurial couple gains a new employer

Probema i Norr was founded by Laura and Greger Stenberg in Skellefteå in 2017.

“We see incredible potential in Nordic Electro Power and look forward to growing rapidly while serving both old and new customers together,” says Laura Stenberg.

Greger Stenberg looks forward to working on high and medium voltage projects together with Nordic Electro Power’s experienced team. Probema i Norr already employs several fitters and Stenberg expects to be involved in hiring more installers and fitters in the coming months.

“There is great potential out there, and I’m really looking forward to building on it together,” says Greger Stenberg.

Improved local operations

Until now, Nordic Electro Power used to send Finnish expert teams to Sweden to handle local contracts. This acquisition enables the Swedish team to manage many of these contracts on its own. “We now have a solid foundation to start serving our customers even better,” says CEO Mika Alatalo.

We now have a solid foundation to start serving our customers even better.

Offers company training

Probema i Norr offers company training in for example work environment, fire protection, fall protection and electrical safety. Following the acquisition, Nordic Electro Power will continue offering and developing these services.

“We will resume training services this autumn as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions allow for it,” says Laura Stenberg.

Nordic Electro Power will also look into options for offering training services remotely.

“The courses will be held in Swedish, English and German, but other languages may become relevant in the future,” says Laura Stenberg.

Vaasa Insider logo This article was originally published on Vaasa Insider on 3 October 2023.

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