Hitachi Energy Finland Oy wins the Oscar of energy technology – Energy and Innovation Awards 2022 on EnergyWeek

Energy and Innovation Awards winners 2022 and 2020 at Vaasa EnergyWeek 2022
Petri Kärki (Hitachi Energy Finland Oy), Anders Zittra (Hitachi Energy Finland Oy), Ville Ilkkala (Valaa Technologies), Soile Motsakov-Nykopp (Instagrid), Anu-Riikka Vuorinen (ABB Oy). Not in the picture: Justin Scholz (phelas GmbH).
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The Energy and Innovation Awards were presented on 23 March at Vaasa EnergyWeek. Winner of 2022 is Hitachi Energy Finland Oy with one of Europe’s largest battery energy storage systems for TVO in Finland for balancing the grid and contributing for Finland’s goals of carbon neutrality 2035.

Large-scale innovation

In a potential production disturbance in the Olkiluoto 3 plant unit, Hitachi Energy’s 90-megawatt battery energy storage system supports the entire grid, thus minimizing the effect of power fluctuations on the grid. The turnkey solution acts as a fast-start backup power source.

A battery energy storage of this scale and the increase in low emission electricity generation is a major climate action and will contribute to Finland’s goal of carbon neutrality in 2035.

Together with TVO, Hitachi Energy is enabling the people of Finland to move towards a carbon-neutral future. The energy revolution requires pioneering technologies and new intelligent solutions to ensure system flexibility and reliability.

Battery energy storage is a significant contribution to the Finnish energy system and serves as a role model for large-scale energy storage as part of energy system stability across Europe, demonstrating practical means to balance the system with the energy transition.

The decision by TVO to take a bold step forward in adopting new technologies and using its own resources is a significant and responsible act. It reduces the need for alternative control methods, such as disconnecting industrial loads from the grid.

Other nominations

The Energy and Innovation Awards Jury included this year Anna-Kaisa Valkama, Program Director of Technology Centre Merinova, Marko J Koski, EnergySpin Operations & Partnerships, and Kristoffer Jansson, EnergyVaasa Communications & Brand Manager.

People’s Choice for 2022 is phelas GmbH’s scalable, cheap and sustainable energy storage enabling 100 % renewable future. Also, the first ever EnergySpin Recognition of Excellence went to Valaa Technologies.

Since EnergyWeek 2020 was cancelled at the last minute due to COVID-19, the winners of 2020 were also awarded this year alongside this year’s winners. Winner of 2020 was Instagrid with portable battery power supply for professional applications, and the People’s Choice award went to ABB Oy Smart Power.

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