Petra Marjamäki becomes a partner at communications agency Herea

Maija Anttila, Petra Marjamäki, Eliina Puijola
Maija Anttila, Petra Marjamäki and Eliina Puijola, Partners of Herea Oy
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The communications agency Herea Oy, based in Korsholm (Mustasaari), has appointed Petra Marjamäki as a partner. “With this new partnership, we aim to strengthen our services in Swedish-speaking areas in Finland and offer our expertise to clients in Sweden,” says Herea’s CEO Eliina Puijola.

Petra Marjamäki has been working at Herea since 2020 as a Swedish-speaking content strategist. Her clients have primarily been companies in the industrial sector, building services, and various B2B industries. Before Herea, Marjamäki worked in various communication roles in Ostrobothnia and Vaasa, most recently as a communication specialist at KWH Logistics.

“Petra has successfully managed the communication for several rapidly growing companies at Herea,” says Eliina Puijola, CEO of Herea.

For these growth companies, it is crucial to achieve long-term and strategic visibility that supports both the brand, sales, and employer image. Petra has excelled in this work in a short time.

Since the beginning of the year, Petra Marjamäki has been working with another Swedish-speaking strategist, Linda Storås from Kristinestad (Kristiinankaupunki).

“Together, they form a great team and complement each other’s skills in an excellent way,” Puijola says.

Marjamäki notes that Herea is looking to develop this service concept.

We want to expand the market to customer groups for whom communication in Swedish either with the client themselves or with their customers is important. Language skills are our strength. Besides Swedish and Finnish, we also produce content in English.

Effective communication built on expertise in specific areas

Puijola explains that Herea’s business focus is on SMEs in the industrial and technical sectors. Since its founding, Herea has invested heavily in understanding the business, production, and products within these areas. According to her, effective communication is difficult if the communicator does not understand the business itself and the customers’ reasons for buying or not buying.

Since the beginning, we have acted as an external communication partner for these clients. Perhaps our expertise is demonstrated by the fact that every Herea employee, from content strategist to graphic designer and photographer, has visited numerous production facilities in these industries. We often hear from clients that they are surprised by how quickly we get to grips with their business.

Eliina Puijola notes that working at Herea requires the willingness to learn new things about clients’ businesses.

Petra is a good example of this, as she is interested in learning new things and can apply what she has learned in different situations. This benefits clients who need communication that suits their specific situation and resources.

Herea will continue to offer partnerships to its employees in the future. From partners, enthusiasm for achieving good results for clients and a desire to contribute their expertise to Herea’s business development and growth are especially expected.

“Our goal is to conduct profitable business and grow accordingly. At the same time, we want to increase Herea’s value and provide a work community where work is meaningful,” concludes Puijola.

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