Ostrobothnian companies are growing through acquisitions ─ purposeful communication and brand image becoming increasingly important

Content Strategist Petra Marjamäki, CEO Eliina Puijola and Art Director Minna Husa from Herea.
Content Strategist Petra Marjamäki, CEO Eliina Puijola and Art Director Minna Husa from Herea.
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When a company is in a growth phase or facing changes, the importance of effective communication and brand building becomes emphasized. Herea is a communications partner to several growth companies operating in the energy industry. A strong brand image and systematic communication play a significant role in supporting sales and creating the right employer image.

Sami Kivioja, CEO of CoE Group.
Sami Kivioja, CEO of CoE Group.

Herea’s client, the Vaasa-based CoE Group, has grown significantly in recent years with a systematic growth strategy. Between 2022–2023, CoE Group has strengthened its position through the joining of a growth partner as well as through several acquisitions. The company aims to increase its workforce to 250 by the end of 2025. CoE Group already operates in 10 locations.

CoE Group’s growth and expanded service portfolio led to a comprehensive renewal of the company’s brand and website in the beginning of 2024. The renewed brand and fresh website are not only clearer and more modern, but also reflect CoE Group’s increasingly important focus: renewable energy.

“We have had regular communication on both the company’s website and social media channels for years, throughout the company’s growth. Building a new brand that combines different business operations and creating corresponding fresh communication on such a strong communication foundation has been a natural step”, says Herea’s CEO Eliina Puijola.

“Herea has been with us for a long time, and they understand our business operations and needs. For us, Herea is the perfect partner. We could not do this without them”, says Sami Kivioja, CEO of CoE Group.

Acosta Group invests in regular communication even in the midst of company acquisitions and challenging market situations

Benny Mörk, CEO of Acosta Group.
Benny Mörk, CEO of Acosta Group.

Another growth company to which Herea provides communication services is the Vaasa-based Acosta Group. In recent years, the company has taken several steps in both its service offerings and market areas. Acosta Group has acquired six companies in the industry, with the latest being Diileri Finland Oy from Vantaa. The challenging market situation has not slowed down the company’s growth or investments ─ nor its communication.

“We have continued to actively market our services despite the challenging economic situation. I believe that consistent digital communication and marketing have played a significant role in this, and we have achieved excellent visibility through them. Customers have noticed that we are still here and continue to work with the same enthusiasm. Overall, the cooperation with Herea has been very smooth from the beginning. It is important to have a partner that ensures that things get done and that the jointly established annual plan is followed,” says CEO Benny Mörk.

Mörk is responsible for the company’s acquisitions, finances, and even the marketing of subsidiaries. An active communication partner is invaluable to a busy CEO. When communication activities that support business goals are consistently led forward by the partner, the company’s brand remains crystal clear even amidst changes with no gaps in their communication. Decision-makers in companies can focus on their primary tasks ─ growing and developing the company.

“It has been interesting to create purposeful communication activities with a systematically growing company and to witness firsthand the goals of the strategy being actualized. With that, communication is not just words on paper but an action that genuinely contributes to the company’s business,” says Herea’s Content Strategist Petra Marjamäki.

Is your company on the verge of significant changes, or is simply time to make communication more strategic and consistent? Contact Herea and we will tell you more about our outsourced communication partnership.

Herea is a communications agency located in Mustasaari, Ostrobothnia. The core of Herea’s expertise is strategically planned content marketing that appeals to the right audience and supports the customer’s business strategy. Herea’s customer base mostly includes small and medium-sized industrial companies that operate in fields such as machinery, manufacturing and energy.

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