Hitachi Energy to invest 180 million USD in new production and technology campus in Vaasa region

Matti Vaattovaara
Matti Vaattovaara, CEO of Hitachi Energy Finland
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Hitachi Energy will invest in a new state-of-the-art office and production campus in Vikby, Mustasaari (Korsholm). The investment will create 200 new jobs.

Hitachi Energy is bringing together its workforce in the Vaasa region in a new state-of-the-art campus. More than 500 of the global company’s Vaasa employees are currently spread out over several locations.

“We are now creating a new production and technology campus where we can gather under the same roof for the first time,” says Matti Vaattovaara, CEO of Hitachi Energy Finland.

Fast-track timetable

The new campus will be built from scratch using a fast-track timetable. The location is the industrial area of Vikby in Mustasaari (Korsholm), close to the motorway and only a 10-minute drive from downtown Vaasa.

If everything goes as planned, the groundwork will start this autumn. The new campus will be approximately 30,000 m², and it could all be completed as early as 2027.

Rendering of Hitachi Energy's new office and production campus near Vaasa, Finland
Architectural rendering of Hitachi Energy’s new office and production campus. Image: WasaGroup

Doubling capacity

In addition to new top-notch office space, the initiative includes production and testing lines for transformer production.

“This will double our capacity for transformer production in Finland,” says Matti Vaattovaara.

Hitachi Energy is already the world’s largest manufacturer of transformers. However, the Vaasa factory, which is renowned for its specialised competence in the field, suffered a major fire last year.

Despite the setback, the company successfully maintained production through temporary arrangements. The factory and operations will soon have a new home on the planned campus.

This will double our capacity for transformer production in Finland.

A significant investment

Hitachi Energy expects the price tag of the entire new investment to be approximately USD 180 million (equivalent to approximately EUR 170 million).

“The initiative underlines the company’s commitment to innovation, quality and sustainable development,” says Mr Vaattovaara.

The investment also entails that Hitachi Energy will recruit about 200 more employees in the region. These new recruitments will take place gradually as the investment progresses. In cooperation with Vamia, a new apprenticeship opportunity will also soon be opened to interested parties.

Global actor who believes in the Vaasa region

Hitachi Energy is a global company with approximately 40,000 employees. In Finland, the company operates at seven different locations and employs approximately 600 people in total.

Matti Vaattovaara says that there was never a doubt where the new investment would be made. The obvious place was the Vaasa region, where the lion’s share of the workforce is located.

He says that the region is home to a unique form of expertise and highlights that the company’s local history can be traced back to the Strömberg era. According to Vaattovaara, the entire energy cluster also acts as a magnet that continues to attract a talented workforce.

“This investment is part of several other global initiatives where Hitachi Energy is advancing to support the green transition,” explains Mr Vaattovaara.

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