The Kvarken region needs to continue developing its own models for cooperation. "Copying Silicon Valley's concept of success does not work when driving the green transition forward", says researcher Viktor Salenius. Read more about “Kvarken Council event at Wasa Future Festival – “We must cooperate and compete at the same time””

Every year, Wasa Future Festival brings together young people, international talents and local entrepreneurs. Joakim Strand, Chairman of the City Council in Vaasa, promises that decision-makers will listen to the ideas of young people. Read more about “Wasa Future Festival: Attracting global talent a key issue at YoungTalk23”

The Vaasa region is planning for growth and will need immigrants to fulfill its potential. As a part of Wasa Future Festival, a panel of immigrants already living in the region gathered on stage to discuss their experiences and ideas. Read more about “Immigrants share valuable advice on how to attract more foreign experts”