The Kvarken region needs to continue developing its own models for cooperation. "Copying Silicon Valley's concept of success does not work when driving the green transition forward", says researcher Viktor Salenius. Read more about “Kvarken Council event at Wasa Future Festival – “We must cooperate and compete at the same time””

The Kvarken Council has unveiled a strategy for enhanced regional development, improved cooperation, and increased prosperity for the communities on both sides of the Kvarken Strait. Read more about “Kvarken Council unveils promising first strategy for sustainable development and prosperity in the Kvarken region”

Starting 15 August, new flight routes will further connect the Kvarken region. With environmental considerations at the forefront, the new routes are an important step towards creating a functioning regional electric aviation network. Read more about “New flight routes in the Kvarken Region set the foundation for electric aviation”